Dancing With Mike


Labor Day Jamboree 2017

14th Annual "Square um Up" weekend with pat Kotal and KO Jeanes-Branson, MO- august 2017


Heels and Souls-Los angeles with Bill Harrison and Lisa Schreiber-august 2017

Washington State Square Dance Convention-spokane-June 2017

Rocking Jokers-San Jose, CA with Roger Smith-april 2017

Calling and dancing at the Rollin Wheels with Debbie Steinkirshner and Lisa Schrieber


40th anniversary of Lakeside Squares-Japan- 2017

scootbacks-2017 with Lisa Schreiber and Jim Taylor

tHANK YOU bOOTS & Slippers Dance-Happy Birthday Mike. tHANK YOU lEA vERONICA FOR THE FUN SURPRISE!!


Buckles and Bows Pirate party with diane and Lisa Schreiber